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John A. Shirley Consulting Pty Ltd [JAS]

knows that involvement in the project by the client is vital to its success. We therefore strive to make the project process transparent so clients have absolute peace of mind that their investments are being properly managed and their objectives achieved. Each project must fully meet the client's expectations in terms of time, cost and quality. In short, we will strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with your project at all times.

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1/72a Brisbane Avenue, Umina Beach NSW 2257

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Phone: 0419 732 2028

Email: john@jasconsulting.com.au

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John A. Shirley Consulting Pty Ltd
1/72a Brisbane Avenue
Umina Beach NSW 2257
Mob: 0419 732 028
A.B.N. 91 097 498 783
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